Captivating Books Kindle Readers Read in 3 Days Max

For avid readers like me, it’s easy to get carried away by books and not give a damn about the world. My reading nook is there for a reason: it nestles my defenceless body while books take my mind and soul away. The following books are so captivating I could quickly fly through them in 3 days max:

Unspeakable Things by Jess Laurey

This novel is inspired by a true story from Jess Laurey’s hometown in central Minnesota. The teen protagonist Cassie McDowelll’s wholesome life changed when local boys started to go missing one by one, only to come back changed, withdrawn, and violent. No one can tell what happened to them. Accusations are growing wild, and town secrets are starting to surface. Then, Cassie’s sister goes missing. Readers can finish this page-turner in one sitting.

The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison

Once there was a beautiful garden with blooming flowers, a collection of “butterflies”- kidnapped women tattooed to resemble butterflies. They are overseen by an inhumane, twisted gardener passionate and obsessed with his precious specimens. The FBI captures the gardener and brings in a survivor, Maya, for questioning. Agents Hanoverian and Eddison piece together the puzzles as Maya recounts her unimaginable tribulations in the garden. This gripping thriller will get any reader stuck until the last page.

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